5 Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

An unkempt car is an unpleasant sight parking outside your home. Similarly, keeping your car in good shape is not an easy job. Fortunately, we have some of the best car maintenance tips that will keep your beloved friend in the game and probably last for centuries. Here are the tips.

1. Take care of the car coat

Your car coat advertises the status of your machine and shows if you are taking care of it or not. Keeping your car’s coat smooth and clean may necessarily mean that you should avoid scratches, but there is more to it. First, immediately after washing your car, you should use a ceramic coating to enhance its shimmer.

 What is ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a polymer manufactured specifically to protect the exterior car coat from damages. The main idea behind ceramic coats is they prevent dust, grim, or scratch marks from appearing on the coat.

Ceramic sprays like Nexgen Ceramic Spray, are professionally formulated to protect your car from fading, scratches, and UV light. Above all, the spray is effective for all solid surfaces, from rubbers to glass to metals. The wheels also get special care from this wonderful product.

2. Washing the Windshield 

A car with a clear windshield is safe to drive and is attractive to the eye. However, to get superb results after washing your windshield, one thing is evident; you need the best windshield washer fluid.

A good windshield washer removes not only dirt but also irons out streaks that might be left by water.

3. Check on your Tires 

Tires are very important for a comfortable ride. But after some time, wear and tear will render them useless hence you will be required to purchase a new set. Would you like your new tires to remain in their original state even after using them for long? This brings us to another topic of making your tires shine even after a trip to the tough Appalachian roads.

For this, you will need a product such as Mother’s CMX Ceramic Spray Coating. CMX coating is not as powerful as Nexgen, but it serves its intended purpose very well. The coat has been in service since the 1970s, and it is a good choice for car owners.

4. Check your Batteries more often 

Car batteries were designed to function in terrible conditions and power your car out of a bad situation. Thus it is essential you check on them every time you start or stop an engine. You can do this with a simple battery tester that shows different parameters.

5. Keep Oil Change Schedules Active 

Car experts suggest that you should change your car engine oil every 5000 miles. But you need to open the hood at least every 2000 miles or two months and take a look at your dipstick for oil levels.

Maintaining a car with the above tips saves on costs and expands your understanding of how to better your car’s looks. Do not be ashamed to keep your shopping buddy in good shape by checking on the oil, protecting its coat using a ceramic spray, and washing the windshield.