5 Important Online Reputation Management Services You Can Take Advantage Of

Online reputation management (ORM) can help clean up your online presence and ensure that you come across in the best possible light on various websites and social media platforms. However, different kinds of ORM are crucial for different situations, and understanding the differences between them can help you better address your reputation concerns. This guide explains the three main categories of ORM, so you can figure out which strategy will be most effective in your situation and prevent any missteps along the way.

1. Personal Online Reputation

A bad review can ruin a career, a business deal, or even a relationship. If you want to ensure that people see your online persona in a positive light, hire an experienced online reputation management company like DigitalOx Ltd. They will help you monitor what people are saying about you on social media and blogs and then work with web admins to remove inappropriate content.

In addition, they’ll build up your credibility by posting positive reviews about you on third-party sites. The best part? They will commit to confidentiality, so no information about your efforts to clean up your image ever becomes public knowledge.

2. Company Online Reputation Management

When your company’s reputation is at stake, it’s essential to take an active role in managing it. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take that can make all of the difference in customer satisfaction and, ultimately, a positive name for your business. A bad reputation will ruin your brand, but with good online reputation management services, you can help maintain a strong presence online.

Some harmful and damaging reviews and content can spread like wildfire and may even prompt authorities to investigate your company if they feel that the concern is toward an illegal or unethical practice. An experienced and reliable online reputation management company can save you from these situations by working behind-the-scenes to address any issues before they spiral out of control.

3. Proactive Online Reputation Management

Regardless of what happens, there will always be some online reputation tied to your business. If you aren’t proactively managing your online reputation, it could haunt you when a future employer or customer searches for information about your business. It’s essential to keep up on current reviews, respond to negative comments, and find ways to improve your online presence overall.

Consider hiring a firm specializing in online reputation management (ORM) to help take care of these tasks. ORM services can range from essential monitoring and response to more advanced tactics like creating positive content (e.g., press releases) picked up by third-party sites like news organizations, blogs, and review sites.

4. Product Online Reputation Management

When you launch a new product or service, it’s essential to get ahead of your company’s online negative buzz. While Google Alerts can be useful for tracking discussions about you and your company online, they don’t help much when dealing with complaints on Facebook or in news stories. Before launching a new product or service, many companies hire a reputation management firm to track their online presence for possible issues and draft a crisis-management plan.

Hence, if a problem arises, there are plans to deal with it quickly and effectively. Hiring a reputational management company is just good business sense—the results give potential customers confidence that you’re aware of potential problems and ready to address them.

5. Corporate Online Reputation Management Services

Reputation is vital to any organization because it is one of its most valuable assets. A single incident can easily damage it, but you can quickly restore it if you handle that same incident professionally. Corporate reputation management services will help you maintain your organization’s credibility and integrity in the eyes of your customers, employees, suppliers, vendors, and all other stakeholders.

However, to manage your corporate reputation, you need to hire an online reputation management firm with experience in corporate reputation, clearly understands its structure, and knows how to deal with the top management. References or reviews from clients who have used their services before are always helpful when looking for your service provider.


Your online reputation is your biggest asset for promoting yourself or your company and advancing your personal and professional career. Using these services to manage your online identity can eliminate potentially damaging information about yourself or your business from social media, Google results, and other websites. Consequently, when potential clients or employers search for information about you online, they’ll only find positive details that support your business or candidacy. Get ahead of negative search results by hiring a reputable online reputation management company to take control of your image today!