7 Promotional Products To Use If You’re On A Budget

Minimizing the cost of running your business is paramount to get the most out of it. Advertising and marketing your business is one of the key aspects of your business, and embracing cost-effective marketing campaigns is a smart move. One of the cheap ways of marketing your brand is to use promotional products such as apparel and other useful items. Here are some cost-effective promotional products to use when on a budget and still generate more sales.

Door hangers

A door hanger is a printed tag of any shape that comes with a hook allowing it to hang or suspend on your door. Door hangers are promotional since you can incorporate your company’s logo and include colorful graphics that reflect your brand. They are economical, and you can include a certain call to action message such as contact information or a special offer to attract more sales.


You can use branded pens as a promotional product if you are on a budget. They are cheap and yet very useful for your customers. You can customize pens with wraparound logos or full color and distribute them to your customers as giveaways.


Flyers are single sheets or posters intended for wide distribution to bring attention to business promotion, new products, services, or events. Many people use business flyers for marketing their businesses or promoting certain products. When using flyers as a promotional item, incorporate a design that stands out and showcases your brand in the best light. Include the message you want to pass in a catchy font that appeals to the eye from afar.

Sticker singles

Another cost-effective way to promote your brand visibility is by using sticker singles that come in various sizes and shapes for versatility. The best thing about sticker singles is that they are customizable for sticking on windows, cars, laptops, phones, fridges, and more. When using stickers to promote your business, ensure they are of good quality, fade, and weather-resistant to last on surfaces for a long period.

Label sheets

You can customize your own label sheets to feature your logo, product line, services, or any other information for a professional look. You can incorporate catchy and thoughtful messages on the labels to package your products professionally as you send them to your customers. If you want to see an extraordinary outcome, you have to go the extra mile, no matter how simple it is.

Grocery bags

Buying grocery bags in bulk and customizing them with your logo and promotional messages of your brand is a cheap way to market your business. You can use them as packaging for your customers or free giveaways as incentives to your clients. That ensures your brand moves with your customers as they shop and move around.

Round coasters

Round coasters are not only something you can place your drink on, but you can use them creatively to promote your brand. They can be printed on either side, and you can distribute them to your customers to market your brand.


The best thing about using promotional products to market your brand is that it is a cost-effective yet powerful way of enhancing your visibility.