Advertising Banners: What you Should Keep in Mind

The advertising banner is a large product, within the reach of any human eye, and as such requires an adequate quality design, so we have to look for a good banner printing company. The main characteristic or advantage of using a banner as a promotional support is its great visual strength. Hence, the message that you want to convey must be clear, direct, attractive and at the same time appropriate for what we want to achieve.

Here you can find the best tips on hanging canvas prints.

A canvas has countless uses. You can place it on the façade of your business and use it as a claim to attract customers, it can be placed on a stand at a fair or congress to promote the brand, located outdoors it can be used as a welcome to an event, massive concert, festival, etc. The possibilities, as you can see, are very varied. If you had not considered the possibility of incorporating this support as a promotional element, you can now include it among the possible alternatives in a campaign.

Preparation and Design

Below we explain some aspects that you should take into account when designing a banner.

1.- Colors: It is important that when you work with the relevant software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) you check that the color profile is in CMYK. If you do it in RGB you will realize that, once printed, the colors have a dull tone compared to how you saw them on the screen. This is because the RGB profile is ready to be viewed on the screen and not for printing.

Since what we are looking for is to impact on a visual level, try to contrast the colors. Especially do it in the texts. If the characters you put are barely legible or go unnoticed, they will be detracting from the design as a whole.

2.- Respect a security zone: Like any graphic product, when you design a canvas you will have to reserve a security perimeter around it so as not to lose basic information when it is cut. Also remember that most tarpaulins have eyelets so that they can be attached to a usually metallic structure (mast, scaffolding, etc.). We advise you to leave 5cm on each side.

3.- That it be read well. We have already mentioned it to you before, it is essential that anyone who passes by can easily read the message that the banner contains. Therefore, here you should use very clear fonts. You should also bet on short texts, as a slogan or concepts that impact. A banner is well designed when its content is automatically recorded in the retina of the passerby passing by. One option is to try alliteration or rhyme to make it easy to remember and even more attention-grabbing.

4.- Images: The images you use must arouse sensations and emotions. Somehow you have to appeal to the senses. If, for example, you want to highlight a soft drink, try to awaken the sensation of thirst with the image. If it is a perfume, try to make it possible for you to “smell” it. In the case that it is a corporate canvas, the images obviously have to be linked to the activity that is carried out, but also, in this case you must bet on clearly using the colors that identify you, that is, the corporate ones.

5.- Design based on where it will be placed. The finish of a canvas will be one or the other depending on where you are going to place it. If you have doubts about it, it is best to ask a professional on the subject or at the place where it will be printed. They better than anyone will know how to give you the solution. When a tarpaulin is quite large, it is going to be placed outdoors and also, due to the characteristics of the area, it is going to be exposed to a lot of wind, it is best if it is microperforated. If it is going to be placed inside, it is necessary to make sure that the structure is well reinforced to support the weight of the canvas.

Regarding the place where it will be placed, it is important that we also do a test beforehand. As simple as going to the place and taking a photograph and later adding the design sketch that we have prepared with Photoshop. Does it differ from what you had imagined or does it meet expectations? Is it necessary to modify part of the design or bet on more images than text? Only in this way will you ensure that the canvas fulfills its mission.