Business Ideas From Home: Start Working Today

Starting any kind of business at home can be something that rules your daily routine. Here are some business tips that can help in starting the minimum investment of Rs 20,000 and even less.

Let’s read the blog post to know about some business ideas from home that can profit one sitting back at home.

  • Small investment of capital for small-scale businesses

Small business means small investment of capital. Although it is an uphill battle, the founders, investors, and others who rely on the company for livelihood reap the rewards when the plans are executed well. It is important to know about the strategies you can adopt to find the solutions to your business.

  • A home-based jewellery store for all customers

A demand for fabricated minimalist jewellery pieces persisted during the COVID-19 blackout when many businesses were closed.Jewlery making is a business that will always be in vogue, as well as being sought after by consumers.Starting a home-based jewellery is doable with the investment as low as Rs 20,000-Rs 22,000. Let your customers focus on the taste and relish its essence.

  • Home bakery business for small business ideas

The very next set up of business is home-bakery business. It hardly requires the hefty investment all set with strong intent in baking the handful of money to start procuring the oven along with buying all ingredients for baking the cakes at home with loads of home-based ingredients. There is hardly any need to do branding when you are starting on a small scale.

  • Making of papad and bedsheet printing from home to online

Online business of bed sheet printing is another business that create quite pocket-friendly features to find the best products in bulk and cheaper costs. Long with this business of papad is profitable.  It is possible in small investment but available at micro-level by collaborating the papad manufacturers.


Apart from these, there are many business that give opportunities to many women traders shine in the world of business and many more. It includes businesses like spice making, button trading for men and women apparels, making of disposable cutlery sets are a part of profitable businesses. To get more information please visit here.