Do Solar Panels Need a Lot of Maintenance?

The idea of having a system that could harness energy from sunlight to power the home is an appealing one. According to the folk at solar energy company Vivint Solar, with a home solar panel systemthis is exactly what you can do.

Solar panel systems work by absorbing sunlight. The sunlight generates an electric current in the solar panels, which is then converted to electricity that can be used by the homeowner to power electrical devices in the home. This will reduce the need to rely solely on the grid. The benefits of a solar panel system are clear, but there are those considering such a system who want to know more about how much they cost, how much they are likely to save on their energy bills, and whether these systems require much by way of maintenance.

What is the Cost of a Solar Panel System?

Solar panel systems vary in price depending on the size of the panel and the quality of the system. So while a small system could cost less than $5,000, a top-of-the-linehigh quality system could be upwards of $25,000. In terms of the money they save in electricity, that too depends on several factors, such as how much power they generate and whether the homeowner has a battery storage system.

Homeowners at home during the day can utilize more of the electricity generated by powering the most energy consuming applianceswhile the system is generating electricity. Those away from home during the day can use a battery storage system to store electricity for use in the evening.

Taking Care of Solar Panels

Another common concern among those considering solar panels is whether their system will require a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, solar panels are designed to need very little maintenance. Those placed at an angle are particularly low maintenance because dirt and debris either fallaway or is washed away by rain.

That being said, it is important for solar panels to be cleaned at least once every year. The cleaner they are, the more efficient they will be and the more electricity they will generate.

While your solar panels can more or less be installed and then left alone, it is recommended that they are serviced annually. An annual service will ensure that the panels are performing at their maximum capacity and that all parts of the system are in good working order. Many solar panel service companies will combine an annual service with a clean, killing two birds with one stone.

Insofar as maintenance goes, the homeowner should probably get into the habit of checking the output of their system as this will enable them to track how effectively it is working. A monitor will allow you to see how much electricity is being generated, and regular monitoring will provide you with an idea of what output to expect in certain weather conditions. The more closely you monitor the system, the easier it will be to spot when something is amiss.

For example, if the sun is shining and there is little or no clouds, you can expect your solar panels to be performing at their best. Should you spot a drop in production, you can assume that either something is not working properly, or the panels need to be cleaned.

To conclude, solar panels are designed to be a low maintenance system that can generate electricity from sunlight. Although homeowners need do little more than keep an eye on their system’s output, they are advised to have the solar panels serviced annually and cleaned once or twice per year.