Eating dark chocolate granola as a substitute for sweet tooth lovers

DARK CHOCOLATE GRANOLA In contrast to protein and fiber, this Granola has a significant quantity of iron and potassium, and calcium, according to Gorin. Plus, you’ll be able to satiate your sweet taste while also filling yourself up.

Granola, despite its image as a healthy morning item, has evolved into a sugary dessert. Granola sold in stores is frequently laden with just enough sugar added to match a piece of chocolate cake.

Why dark chocolate granola is a must-try for sweet tooths

There’s little, if anything, not to like about chocolate for breakfast. Especially until you get to eat chocolate first thing every morning, and it’s still considered a nutrient-dense, healthy vegan breakfast!

This dark chocolate granola is not only indulgent and tasty, but it also won’t leave you feeling bloated or on a sugar high all morning!

Plus, you get all these massive, crunchy clusters of handmade Granola without using any oil.


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Dark chocolate granola

Allow your sweet taste to indulge in these delightful small bits of religious nuts wrapped in an irresistible blend of scented dark chocolate. Thanks to its forgiving character, this healthful choco-nutty snack is indeed the ideal guilt-free bite for any die-hard chocolate lover.

Every chocolate lover’s dream comes true with these little bits of exquisite nuts wrapped in an irresistible blend of scented dark chocolate.

NATURAL DARK CHOCOLATE: This dark chocolate granola is produced from 100 percent dark chocolate of zero fat extracted in its natural state to offer you a delicious dark chocolate flavor.

STRESS BUSTER: It is believed to decrease stress and prevent cognitive memory deterioration, therefore increasing brain health because it is 100 percent pure dark chocolate.

BLOOD SUGAR: Because sugar causes blood sugar spikes and other problems, this Granola is flavored with Honey as well as Jaggery to fulfill your sweet tooth without affecting your body’s blood sugar levels.

BAKED, NOT FRIED: This dark chocolate Granola is completely baked with no added oil, making it crunchier and crispier. It’s indeed baked to perfection to satisfy your most desired chocolate snacks cravings in a better way.

UNIQUE: Unlike other brands that use processed cornstarch, our Granola is made entirely of healthy grains and contains Pure Alkalised Chocolate.

ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS Granola is high in nutrients such as fiber, proteins, and complex carbohydrates, all of which energize your body. Many of these elements are critical during pregnancy, making our Granola an excellent choice for expecting mothers.

Nutrition information:

130 calories

5g total fat

0 mg cholesterol

170 mg sodium

20g total carbohydrate

3 g protein

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat or sunlight. Once opened, transfer contents into an airtight container to retain freshness and avoid spoilage. Consume within 10 days after opening the packet.