Five Qualities A Leader Must Have

A process of motivating other members and followers of an organization is called leadership which can be done by a person having leadership potential. Leaders know how to make a perfect business-oriented environment. Tackling all the problems with great confidence and resolution is the sole purpose of leading a business. 

Leadership is not about just achieving goals and making your dreams come true. It is also about making the most profit and influencing your team. Here are some enlisted qualities that can make you an incredible leader and carve your way to success.

Be Responsible 

Being a leader is not an easy task to do. You have to take care of things and work with the people and take care of them. A passionate leader not only accepts responsibility but also means it. 

They create a peaceful and serene environment for people to work in comfort and ensure the quality of the work rather than focusing on quantity. Mutual understanding is the key to being a great leader.

Be An Inspiration 

True leaders never reprimand you or hurt your self-respect in public. True leaders appreciate you and praise you and your efforts in public. Similarly, if someone did something against rules and regulations, a passionate leader would advise positively in private. It is one of the greatest qualities of a leader that he does not scold in public. He advises and helps you improve your mistakes.

Communication Skills

Strong communications skills and impressive speaking style can help you make people understand what your proposal reflects, which helps you achieve higher ranks of success.

Leaders communicate in ways that give a chance to staff to participate too. Leaders communicate with confidence, have authenticity, validity in their words, and let their followers give their opinions. 


Expecting others to act upon your advice, find yourself an effective leader; first, you must be confident of yourself and your expertise. Make sure your decisions are strategic and logical. You have to arrange meetings, attend seminars, and understand the core problem to achieve greatness in your work.

Secondly, flexibility is another important factor affecting your leadership qualities. Being confident shows your ability to lead your team and be a good leader for them.

A Social Person

Having social skills will help you deal with more people and observe others which would also be crucial in leadership. As a social being, you influence many individuals. Leaders always try to make their influence, leaving people speechless and convincing them with facts and figures. Always listen to others first calmly and then speak afterward. Finding the optimum solution is the key to success. 


Leaders provide a pathway to success. They provoke their followers to work hard, think big, and always admit their mistakes. They tackle every situation with a calm, peaceful mind, and an optimistic attitude. They set positive examples for others by always welcoming new things and helping out other people under them as and when needed.

Richard Nahas has served as Chair of the Medical Interest Group for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at the Ontario Medical Association. He can provide some life-changing insights about leadership. Dr. Richard Nahas is a Physician, Healer, and Innovator in Integrative Healthcare. 

Leadership is giving you a way to inspire and motivate others. Being a leader is a challenging yet rewarding career. It is not easy but you’ll learn along the way.