Whether you want to be extra cautious when hiring movers or have had a bad experience in the past, asking all the right questions helps you make the right decision. Knowing the essential questions to ask your movers is an integral part of the moving process. Every moving company should be equipped to answer questions or share any other information that builds your trust with them. Below is a list of the essential questions you must ask your movers when preparing for a move.

What moving services do you provide?

Moving companies differ from one to another. They may not specialize in the same moving services, so it’s best to ask the moving company you are considering hiring about the kind of services they offer. Ensure it provides the services you need, such as packing, loading, transportation, unpacking, etc. If you are moving internationally, you may need the services of an international moving company to help you with legal paperwork.

Are you a certified moving company?

The reason for hiring a moving company is because you want to work with professional movers who know how to navigate the complicated process of moving. Working with a certified and experienced moving company assures you of the safety of your items during the move. Investigate the credentials of the moving company to weed out the rogue movers. Please enquire about the years they have been in the business and check other professional affiliations they have.

How much will my move cost

When you are assured that you are dealing with a reputable moving company, enquire about the costs of your move. Ensure they give you a complete quote of the moving services you need to avoid unpleasant surprises after the move. Avoid cost estimates over the phone. A reputable moving company will send one of their representatives over to assess your household items the weight and give you an accurate estimate. Ask about all the additional costs you may incur beforehand.

What if something breaks during the move?

If you are moving valuables such as large appliances, this question is fundamental. Even though professional movers are always careful, at times, accidents happen that are beyond their control. Hire a moving company that provides insurance for your valuable possessions if your home insurance does not cover them. Ask the company if they are covered in case of any liabilities during the move.

Are your movers experienced?

Like you wouldn’t want an amateur surgeon to perform surgery on you, you should not move with inexperienced movers. Enquire the level of experience and professionalism the movers have. They should be able to handle appliances, furniture, and other household valuables safely. Woking with experienced movers assures you of professionalism during the entire time and assures you of the safety of your items.

What should I expect during the moving day?

Avoid unpleasant surprises by asking about what to expect during the moving day. What time will the movers arrive? Is there anything they need help with? These are some of the queries you should ask to ensure you are on the right page with your moving company. Staying informed about everything also minimizes your moving stress.