Sourcing strategies that will help you find the best IT professionals

In an environment where companies are fighting for each candidate available and where above average candidates always have more than one offer on the table, the recruitment process can no longer be treated in a superficial manner. With IT companies struggling to find candidates to fill vacant roles, using effective sourcing strategies is not an option, but a must. 

The recruiting process can be divided in two different parts: first, identifying and attracting applicants, and second, selecting the most suitable person to fill the vacancy. For the first part you will need a good sourcing strategy. Some of the most important aspects to consider are detailed below.

Do you have what it takes to be a good sourcer?

A good sourcer is basically a talent hunter. From thorough research and scanning profiles to identifying potential candidates, approaching them and making them want the job offered – this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sourcing. This is a complex activity that requires someone both technical and creative. So, the first step for a good sourcing strategy is having someone able to know how and where to look for talent.

Use the appropriate tools

We are living in a digital era, so it should be no surprise that new technologies are available, created especially for sourcing. Aggregators, SaaS platforms, email extractors, dedicated online platforms, filtering tools and so on – all of these are important and extremely helpful when it comes to sourcing. It is particularly hard for an IT organization to find professionals to fill vacancies, mainly because the market is dominated by the candidates, who constantly receive job offers. But with a good sourcing strategy, your company can be the one preferred amongst others. If you find the sourcing process too difficult to handle by yourself, you can always turn to an agency specialized in recruiting for IT jobs.