Starting A New Offshore Company In Singapore: Mistakes To Avoid

Wherever or in whichever part of the world you wish to run a business, you need to abide by the rules and regulations.

Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines are those elements that form the structure and discipline of the organization.

There is every chance that you could make mistakes. Singapore is one of those destinations around the world where you can open offshore companies.

Again there are certain rules and guidelines if you are doing business in Singapore. In this article, we are going to discuss the mistakes that one could commit while starting an offshore company in Singapore. Let’s discuss them in a comprehensive manner.

Why Singapore?

There are some strong reasons why conducting business in Singapore is profitable. Let’s look at the facts and data that establish  Singapore as a preferred destination for your offshore company.

  • The GDP growth in the city-state of Singapore has been the highest. It grows at an average of around 7.7% since independence and 9.2%, the highest in the last 25 years.
  • Singapore received an annual growth of around 3.2% in the year 2018. 
  • Sectors like Value Added manufacturing, especially electronics and precision engineering remained key areas of Growth.
  • Singapore in the year 2017 launched the regional finance hub, “Asia’s  Infrastructure Exchange” which put forth the strong willpower of the Government to further deepen the Industry Sector. 
  • Singapore ranks best in the world in terms of human capital development.   

Starting A New Offshore Company In Singapore: Mistakes To Avoid 

If you are starting a new Offshore Company in Singapore, there are chances that you go on to commit mistakes. So let’s give a look at the mistakes that entrepreneurs need to avoid like anything:

1. Having A Vague Business Plan

If you have decided that you are going to open a new business in Singapore, you can not jump into an idea. 

You need to work on the market feasibility. Remember that ventures without proper planning will lead to failure. Always be prepared for the worst and then give it your best shot. 

2. Targeting A Niche Market

If you think that you are concentrating on a very small target audience, there is a great possibility that your business might not take off.

You are a new entrepreneur in a completely new market, make sure that you have done your homework properly. 

3. Hiring Not So Good Employees 

Just because Singapore has a track record of producing the best workforce, you can not hire people blindly.

It is found from a study that a child born today in Singapore will be 88% as productive by the time they grow up. It does not imply that everyone is great. You need to be highly focussed.

4. Expecting Immediate Profits

It is said that the employees should not expect high profits for at least two years from starting the company. The entrepreneur should have enough financial backups to survive the initial phase.

The entrepreneur also must have enough liquidity to support the business. You need to start your business and stay floating.

Therefore you must keep in mind that you need to stay patient. You need to keep calm and not be demoralized. 

5. Multitasking  

An entrepreneur needs assistance in diverse fields- those related to legal, bookkeeping, compliance, and accounting.

If you employ amateur people on something that requires seriousness, it goes on to become extremely difficult.

Therefore don’t fall into this trap of employing less experienced people inexperienced positions.

You need to resist temptation and make sure that you handle all things professionally. 

6. Doing Everything Of Your Own 

Suppose you have started a new business in aesthetics dermatology. You are doing everything on your own.

Remember that you can’t handle anything and everything of your own. You need to hire experts in different segments of your business.

If you decide to do everything on your own then we would like to tell you God save you. 


In order to conclude you need to say that an offshore business in Singapore is a great thing. Singapore has great potential in business.

There are certain elements in business that you need to keep in mind. You can not blindly take everything.

Don’t leave it all in the hands yourself and do not even think that hiring inexperienced employees will save your dollars.