The Incredible Entrepreneur, Sam Ayyash

Sam Ayyash is an incredible entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success. An active member of the Jordanian and Arabic community, Sam is a shining example of the Jordanian Dream. His innovative thinking and bold vision have resulted in various business successes, including an incredible success in the hospitality industry and a recent interest mining industry. Mr.Ayyash has already made a lasting impact on the business world and shows no signs of slowing down. The blog post will explore the life and achievements of Mr.Ayyash – the incredible entrepreneur.

1. Established an Export Business in 2021

Mr. Ayyash is an inspiring example of what one can achieve through hard work and dedication. The Jordanian entrepreneur established an export business in China through the Asian Galaxy Company. The company provides international trade services to its customers worldwide. The most common products in their dealings include textile products, apparel, hardware, and other products.

Whether you need a reliable freight forwarder or an expert who understands import/export compliance programs, Asian Galaxy Company has experience in international trade compliance and supply chain, which will help your business soar to greater heights.

2. A Pioneer of the Hospitality Industry in Australia

Sam Ayyash has been a driving force behind the hospitality industry in Australia. He is a well-known entrepreneur who has been instrumental in shaping the industry with his innovative ideas and leadership. Sam has significantly contributedto Australia’s hospitality sector’s development, providing opportunities for thousands of people across the nation.

Sam’s journey as an entrepreneur has been a great success, with many of his businesses becoming leading organizations in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. He has also partnered with crucial franchise players in the food industry, such as Seagrass Hospitality and a chain of independent restaurants. Individual Seagrass brands have spread into many regions worldwide, including UAE, London, Qatar, Sydney, Kuwait, and South Africa.

3. Interests in Entertainment Sector

Ayyash started a business interest in the entertainment industry in 1998 by establishing an entertainment production company called Double Eighty-Eight Production. The company is reputable in organizing entertainment events, festivals, sound and lighting, and weddings.

Double Eighty-Eight Production has extended its bases in Australia, UAE, and other areas in the Middle East. They’re responsible for promoting some of the greatest stars, including Kadim Al Saher, George Wassouf, Mohammad Abdou, and many others in Australia and other Middle East countries.

4. Ventured into Medical Research in 2010

Sam Ayyash has greatly diversified his business interests to include medical technologies. He established a medical research company in 2010, CK Cell Technologies, marketing under the brand name, Endexome. The vision of Endexome is to make regenerative medicine technologies and solutions accessible to all at an affordable rate.

CK Technologies’ regenerative medicine applications range from cosmetics with therapeutic effects to treating spinal cord injuries using innovative stem cell technologies. Regenerative medicine has the potential to heal wounds and replace damaged cells due to a disease or injuries, thus restoring normal body function.

5. Mining and Natural Stones Business in Jordan

Mr. Ayyash has never slowed down in his innovative and pioneering spirit. In 2021, he expanded his product portfolio by extending into mining and natural stone products in Jordan. The Galaxy Mining Company produces tiles and slabs and is one of the largest natural stone suppliers in Iran and the Middle East. Whether you want marble, crystalline marble, travertine, or other natural stone products, Galaxy Mining will meet your needs no matter the size of your project.


Sam Ayyash is an inspiring example of what one can achieve through hard work and dedication. The Jordanian entrepreneur has built a multi-million dollar empire and continues to innovate in the business world. From launching his own business to investing in emerging technologies, Mr.Ayyash has demonstrated that success is achievable when you are willing to take risks.