UVC Light Technology

 UVC light technology is a radiation method that uses a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light to neutralize microorganisms. Ir thermal sensor is germicidal and deactivates the DNA of some microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, disrupting their ability to multiply and cause disease. The light source technologies include UVC LED, Xenon & Krypton Flashlamps, and Excimer lamps to address various system requirements for specific applications.

Excelitas Technologies offer a wide array of Ir thermal sensor components, modules, light systems, and custom turnkey UVC solutions to solve the complex challenges of microbial disinfection and eliminate harmful pathogens.

Types of UV disinfection light sources offered

Excelitas has a wide array of UVC solutions catering to disinfection applications. They include Custom UVC LED light solutions, Kepri upper air UVC disinfection system, UVC Xenon flash lamps, OmniCure AC series, LED UVC Chip-on-board components, and excimer lamps.

Custom UVC LED Light Solutions

Excelitas Technologies offers fully customized UVC LED disinfection solutions aligned with customer requirements to deliver an optimized germicidal solution. These UVC custom solutions can be uniquely designed and tailored for specific market applications while creating customer value. Their design engineering expertise includes the following:

  • Chip-on-board LED assembly.
  • Optical design for optimized light delivery.
  • Thermal management.
  • Power controls with intelligent monitoring and feedback, as well as mechanical enclosure design.

LED UVC Chip-On-Board Components

UVC LED-based Chip-On-Board (COB) sources offer excellent flexibility with the highest level of integration of all the UVC light sources. Excelitas Technologies can package bare LED die into component-level packages of any number in any shape or size. Since these packages die carriers, any LED die or sensors can be integrated into any design. The limitations are endless and are not limited to UV wavelengths.

Kepri UVC Upper-Air Disinfection System

Excelitas Ir thermal sensor LED-based Kepri UVC Upper-Air Disinfection System provides a safe, effective, real-time disinfection of upper-level room air regardless of room occupancy. With a unique design, the Kepri UVC Upper-Air Disinfection System allows for safe and effective room air disinfection without emitting any harmful or environmentally unfriendly ozone gas. Kepri’s potent UVC energy is effective against many pathogens, including bacteria, mold, and viruses that cause COVID-19.

UVC Xenon Flashlamps

Excelitas Pulsed Xenon UV light sources offer a valuable broadband UV spectrum in various disinfection applications. The Xenon Flashlamps can be custom designed and manufactured in any geometry with precision and economies of scale. These Pulsed Xenon’s broad UV emission wavelengths are tailored for output in the UV-C, eliminating any concern about the peak absorption of the microorganism. Input energies range from <1 Joule to >10,000 J, with powers from a few Watts to multiple Kilowatts.

Omni Cure AC Series UVC LED Surface Disinfection Systems

OmniCure has provided industry-leading UV solutions to its customers for decades. By leveraging its proven AC Series platforms, UVC LED surface disinfection systems with the same quality, robustness, and features can be used to eliminate harmful pathogens. Featuring a modular design that can be easily integrated and linearly scaled, these UVC LED products offer a safer, mercury and ozone-free solution for disinfection applications.

How to manage the safety risks of UV disinfection systems?

Excelitas Ir thermal sensor designs, build, and tests UV disinfection light sources in the safest conditions. They undergo a rigorous process to ensure they are deployed with the highest safety standards, reliability, and high performance. They take pride in being compliant with regulatory requirements across the board. Their UVC solutions are no exception.

What are the Industrial applications of UV disinfection light sources?

Excelitas suite of fully customized Ir thermal sensor  UVC LED light solutions caters to diverse applications. On the other hand, the Kepri lineup can be purchased off the shelf and is particularly helpful in reducing the spread of airborne viral diseases, thanks to its robust capabilities. Another great option to check out is the Omni Cure AC Series offering a safer, mercury, and ozone-free alternative. And finally, if you’re in the market for systems with broad UV emission wavelengths, the pulsed Xenon UV light sources make the perfect candidate for disinfection applications.

 Excelitas tailor-fit UVC solutions to the stringent requirements of your disinfection applications. This service has always complemented off-the-shelf products, ensuring the fulfillment of your project requirements. They aim to provide clients with unique solutions and give them an edge over competitors.