Have you heard about asphalt paving? Asphalt is composed of bitumen and aggregates. Bitumen is the dark component, a by-product of petroleum that is used in construction. Bitumen is what holds the aggregates together. 

You might be wondering how you would achieve quality asphalt pavement? Well, no amount of luck can help you get a great pavement. Proper planning and research, and efficient execution guarantee you that you will have a long-lasting pavement for your compound or commercial building.

 Experts who work on roads will tell you that asphalt paving isn’t just about putting hot rocks on the ground and compacting them. To attain a smooth pavement that will be durable, you need to invest in these three factors

● Energy and time in project planning

● the mixing design

● Machine maintenance

Before you go into any asphalt paving project, you need to know about these tips. 


●     Ensure you have a plan – construction is an expensive project and you don’t want to dive into it without a good layout plan. Start planning before the construction begins and revise the plan as it continues till it ends. 

During this time do your research and get yourself the best paving company that is near you to help make your vision become a reality. We at Asphalt Paving Company ensure that you have a quality pavement that will serve you for long thus getting value for your money. 

●     Set up proper equipment for the job- before the equipment gets to the site, ensure they’re available and proper equipment programs have been carried out to ensure the equipment will be running smoothly for the period that is needed. 

●     Consistency- it is important to understand that maintaining consistency ensures you get quality pavement. Temperature consistency, mixing consistency, consistent roller pattern, and consistent communication of workers on the ground (will help you know if there is an issue, come up with a solution, and quickly implement it to avoid mistakes). The factors mentioned plus consistent paving speed plays a part in constructing a long-lasting pavement. 

●     Paving speed and mixing temperature- as we had mentioned earlier, these two are keys to a quality mat. Having a contractor who will pave throughout the day nonstop is great because a change can affect the uniformity of the mat. If paving won’t remain relatively constant, ripples, waves, and irregular depth will occur. 

When you want to achieve density, use the highest temperature for the roller you’re using. The optimum temperature for Asphalt to compact is at 300⁰F as it is soft, but when it starts cooling, it hardens, and compacting becomes difficult. 

●     Have a precise rolling pattern- In the road construction process, this is the most crucial step. Your crew should make sure that they pass the roller a couple of times on the mixer while it’s still hot. Achieving density, you must have an efficient rolling pattern that covers the much-paved area within a short period. The team should always have a plan B in case they are having difficulty trying to achieve density. For this case, it should be communicated with the proper channel of management.


As much as you think your plan and equipment will give you the best results, your crew that will execute them needs to be trained on how they will achieve a quality mat. Efficiency and precision come from people and not equipment. The appearance of your pavement or parking block creates the first impression of your home or your business. You should not try your luck with this, a qualified craftsmanship will ensure your construction is completed to your satisfaction. Contact us Asphalt Paving Company for your construction