Why Are Organic Cotton Bags Better Than The Plastic Ones?

The necessity for human beings to carry items around has always been present. With the increasing advocacy for environmental care, the demand for natural and biodegradable products has never been higher. This cuts across all items we use, including bags.

Cotton bags have an upper hand in comparison to plastic ones in several regards. This has led to the popularity and use of the organic cotton bags.

Environmental Friendliness

Organic cotton bags, just like the name suggests, are biodegradable. They typically decompose within five months of disposal. In comparison to plastic bags which take a thousand years to photo-degrade, organic cotton bags are preferable. Photo degradation means that plastic bags don’t completely disintegrate, they leave traces of microplastics. Organic cotton tote bags are good examples of biodegradable cotton bags.

Multipurpose Function

Organic cotton bags can perform more than one function. Unlike plastic bags that are only used for carrying items around, you can use organic cotton bags to keep your food products fresh and avoid wastage. The freshie food saver bag is an organic cotton bag used for storing food for weeks!

Toughness and Durability

The fabric used to make organic cotton bags are strong. This increases its time in utility, up to several years!  Plastic bags don’t share the same property as they are easily destructible.


Organic cotton bags are extensively reusable because of the aforementioned tough fabric. The reusability of organic cotton bags reduces the rate of environmental littering. It also reduces the cost you would have incurred in buying bags whenever the need arises.

There are various websites online that sell organic cotton reusable produce bags.


Production of organic cotton bags incurs very little costs as the cotton used is a natural agricultural product. This subsequently reduces the prices of these bags. In comparison to plastic bags that are made from industrial plastic material, organic cotton bags are cheap and pocket-friendly. 


Organic cotton bags come in all shapes and sizes. There are a variety of cotton bags for specific needs.  Common examples are the food saver bag, tote bag, and the reusable bag. This gives cotton bags an upper hand when compared to plastic bags.

Lower Propensity for Risk

Plastic bags are hazardous in terms of suffocation when misused by children or even adults. Organic cotton bags are sewn with cotton threads which allow passage of air. This reduces the risk of suffocation when mishandled.

Long Lasting Print – Aesthetic Beauty

Companies that produce organic cotton bags usually imprint their logo on the bag. This process is made easier as the printing ink imprints perfectly with cotton. Even after washing the bag, the ink will not fade away and distort the imprinted logo. Plastic bags don’t keep the imprinted logo in its original form after washing.

Parting Shot

Organic cotton bags are generally better than plastic bags. Pro-environmental organizations keep sensitizing people on the importance of leading a life unplastic. This stresses the importance of replacing the use of plastic bags with organic cotton bags.